After KLIM's play


Directed by Vladislav Troickyi

The language of the performance is Russian


Characters and performers

  Elena Lesnikova

"Girl with matches" is the reflexion a hundred minutes long. The task – to explain what is theatre and actor with a help of matches. It is not simple to retell the contents of the play without a box of matches sought for. The most important task for the author was, probably, to write a play for a woman and to remember once again about death and life which is terminal, broken and full of sufferings, dreams, feelings, global incomprehension of ourselves. And to be oneself is the strangest and the most unclaimed art.
…the voice of Lesnikova is beautiful. The play is performed in absolute darkness that’s why it is just the voice you can value in a full measure. You can, at least, understand how blind people fall in love. There is no shadow of declamation in it and you want to talk to her right at the time of the play explaining and arguing, reproaching for follies and remembering life occurrences alike. Unfortunately, the format of the play didn’t suppose excessive talkativeness of spectator…

S. Vorontzov
Weekend (1.02.2007)  

Two acts. 2 hours

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