After Sarah Kane's play


Translated by Tatyana Oskolkova
Directed by Vladislav Troitskyi

The language of the performance is Russian

Nonnormative vocabulary is used in the play.
Persons under age of 18 are not admitted.


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Characters and performers

She   Anna Nikityna
He   Dmytro Kostyumynskyi

Director of the play "Psychosis 4.48" (written by Sarah Kane before her suicide) Vladyslav Troitskyi calls the form of this performance as a psychedelic seance ­ trip. There are almost no physical actions on the stage. Young nervous and absorbed in herself girl with a shaved head sits in a small cage which reminds an armchair in a psychotherapeutic cabinet and confessional at the same time. She talks about the things are happening in her head ­ her Їconsciousness is hidden under the ceiling of intellect and the floor swarms and stirs as ten thousands crack roaches, each one of which knows her name and talking to her?. Using strong
psychoactive medicine her heroine finds no relief in it feeling irrational hatred towards herself, her body and her own miserable life. Young Actress Anna Nikitina convincingly shows the moment when it becomes less scaring for her heroine to die than to continue purposeless and painful existing. Finally she stays absolutely naked though she already exposed herself during the play as much as possible appearing before the audience without skin and with open cranium. As darkness absorbs her it is her voice that stays longest with spectators asking: "Watch me! I disappear". It reminds us Їhide and seek? but inside out, when you see all the process of disappearing but can·t find the person later.


One act. 1 hour and 30 minutes

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