After Martin McDonagh's play


Translated by Pavel Rudnev
Directed by Vladislav Troickyi

The language of the perfomance is Russian.

Nonnormative vocabulary is used in the play.
Persons under age of 18 are not admitted.

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Characters and performers

Katurian   Dmytro Iaroshenko
Ariel   Volodymyr Minenko
Tupolski   Igor Postolov
Michael   Maxim Demskyi

"THE PILLOWMAN" by young modern playwright Martin MacDonah Ц cry for help out of the world of dark despair and hopelessness where people are doomed for loneliness and where one person will never understand another.
What is life if not the endless alternation of tragic and humor, drama and farce, nobility and vulgarity, high dreaming and brutish instincts? All this lives in each one of us and life is always quite ironic towards itself.
Several bright and self-sufficing short stories included in the play are the twist of pain and laughter, humor and horror, nightmares and wisdom of fairy tale since earliest times with greatest and daring naivety telling about sacraments and mysteries of our being.

Three acts. 3 hours and 30 minutes

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