After KLIM's play


Directed by Vladislav Troickyi

The language of the performance is Ukranian

"...all of us are like that

born not at the right time

and created and sent for something different

had someone mixed up the address, perhaps..."

  The premiere took place in February 2003. The author of the play is KLIM who wrote it specially for DAKH Theatre actors and this is its first staging. Based on the F. Dostoevskyi and G.Chesterton's  novels.

Idea, Production and Staging – Vladislav Troitskyi

 Scenography –  Igor Leschenko

 Light, Sound - Andrew Bovkun

 Natalya Perchishena

 Marko Halanevich

 Computer sound montage - Anastasiya Shulga


                                         Characters and performers:

Mister Pond - Alexander Prischepa


Inspector Zametov - Alexei Iljuchenko

Raskolnikov - Viktor Ohon'ko

Raskolnikov - Oleg Zaitzev

The girl - Tatyana Vasilenko

Sonya Marmeladova - Tatyana Vasilenko

The young playwright - Tatyana Vasilenko

Katherine - Tatyana Vasilenko

Svidrigailov - Alexander Prischepa

Svidrigailov - Anatholyi Cherkov

Marmeladov - Alexander Prischepa

Marmeladov - Anatholyi Cherkov

                                  "...when a good person

                                   comes to the conclusion

                                 that he has a right to kill

                       a bad one, increasing his virtue by doing so

                      history starts to seem senseless and not serious..."


In this play there are many characters. It is a mixture of detective plots and an irresistible stream of an acting improvisation. And there are the repentant monologues of Svidrigailov, Raskolnikov and Sonja Marmeladova. When are we real? When are we playing with inspiration and when are we saying the truth?

This is a play about riders. Lonely riders in search of the truth.

All the women roles the same actress is playing: the girl, the young playwright, Katherine and Sonja. It is to her Raskolnikov is coming as to his last hope for healing of faith and love. Love what searches nothing for itself.

"The action happens here and now. Besides genres diversity the staging combines several theatre schools: the theatre of masks, characters theatre e t.c. The artists are given a space for improvisation, so each performance can be concidered a small premiere".

                                                                                                                                             (Natalya Red'ka, Afisha)  










Two acts. 3 hours

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