After Alexandr Suhovo-Kobilin’s play




Directed by Vladimir Ogloblin


The language of the performance is Russian


The famous play of  A.V.Suhovo-Kobilin’s play “Krechinskyi’s Wedding” about one day of glitter and misery of ingenious cheat was written by him in a prison. All of his life Vladimir Ogloblin dreamt to stage this play and only when he reached the age of 89 the priemier of the play took place on his birthday  - on July 11th in 2004.

This play by A.Suhovo-Kobilin written in XIX century didn’t lose its actuality nowdays. The base for the play served widely spread at that time in Moscow society story about cheat man of fashion who received from a money-lender a big sum on the security of a false soliteur. One day of a swindler consisting of intrigues, games, machinations and “hilling” of victims is presented to spectators attention. This world is not deprived of charm and humour but it ‘s the world of deception and, thank God, exposure of it.

The play is staged in the manner of realistic psychologic theatre. As a matter of fact, the secret of this kind of theatre is gradually being losed for it requiers a scrupulous psychologic development of  role and the rhythmes and style of a modern city life unfortunatelly doesn’t contribute to such deep creative work. The play  “Krechinskyi’s Wedding” at DAKH Theatre has got the spell of first Moscow Art Theatre.The play staged by Ogloblin is a wonderful opportunity for actors to experience the  psychologic theatre while giving to spectators a pleasure to enjoy the school of great direction to which certainly Vladimir Ogloblin belonged.

Three acts. 3 hours and 30 minutes

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