Ukraine Mystical project
The part of "Shakespearean cycle"



Directed by Vladislav Troickyi

feat. Dakha-Brakha – ethno-chaos folk band




Characters and performers

  Anna Nikityna
  Olena Tsybulska
  Iryna Kovalenko
  Nina Garenetska
CHORUS: DakhaBrkha   Marko Halanevych
Vagrant   Kateryna Vyshneva
Murderer   Igor Postolov
Goat, Bird   Zo
  Ruslana Khazipova
Witches   Viktoriia Lytvynenko-Iasynovska
King Duncan, Priest   Roman Iasynovskyi
Banquo's bride   Solomiia Melnyk
Banquo   Volodymyr Minenko
Lady Macbeth   Natalka Bida
Macbeth   Dmytro Iaroshenko

On the base of William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth”.

Why “Macbeth”?

There are many coincidences between the universal collisions in Shakespeare’s piece and modern realities in Ukraine.

Courage of spirit and weakness of soul, questionable victories and inevitable consequences of betrayal.

The history is played after women’s scenarios and the mysticism stuffs men’s fantasies and brains.

An attempt to find the reality of new creative impulse in the chaos of the destructive events leading to death  is at heart of the project “Mystic Ukraine”.

The stage space is very picturesque:

  • the Ukrainian authentic homespun carpets;

  • folk (Ukrainian and Oriental) costumes.

It is a ritualized dance.

The musical dramaturgy is formed on the dase of folk songs of the Ukrainian ritual cycle.

Authentic Ukrainian singing in the arrangement of the different world rythms

Instruments: Indian tablas, buddhistic gong, marakas, cello, Russian treschotki etc.


This is the forth ethno-music project of Vladyslav Troitsky. He worked as a director with the such well-known Ukrainian folk groups as “Drevo” and “Bozhichi” (performances: “In a search of lost time… Life…”, “The stone circle” and “The troubled times” which were shown at the International festival in Munich and Vienna).

One act. 1 hour and 30 minutes

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