“…seven days with an Idiot…”

or non-existing chapters of Fedor Dostoevskiy’s novel

after KLIM’s play


Third Day

...I... SHE... THEY... HE... or FALLEN ANGEL


Directed by Vladislav Troickyi


The language of the performance is Russian


Characters and performers

Nastasia Phillipovna   Tetyana Vasylenko


“…I often peering into these old black ladders

I knew one of them was mine

I just have to guess which one

I had to remember shut my eyes and remember

everything had coincided

one of them is leading upstairs

one of them doesn’t have an end

one of them leads from sorrow to happiness

the happiness is when you guess right

if you guessed right they will meet you and congratulate you with the resurrection

you have to guess

the time

the place

I don’t remember what’s next…”



The Fallen Angel of Nastasya Phillipovna – Tatyana Vasilenko -  blames no one and avenges on no one. When one had realized that there is an abyss “behind you” drawing into it countless number of generations, there is no sense to search for guilty, turning back and falling even deeper. One has to look then for the point of rest to stop the collapse which is endless just as an ascent… 


The flow of life in “Idiot” stops in front of the closed doors behind which Nastasya Phillipovna is waiting for her death by the violent hand of Rogozhin. It continues in “The Fallen Angel” in mystical act of a spiritual resurrection. In this, granted by the play, space-time interval Nastasya Phillipovna is recalling different stories, from her childhood mainly but is, as a matter of fact, telling one story – the story of her love. The sacred love. And what is seems to be a waiting for death is actually a preparation for new life.

One act. 1 hour

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