“…seven days with an Idiot…”

or non-existing chapters of Fedor Dostoevskiy’s novel

after KLIM’s play


First Day



Directed by Vladislav Troickyi


The language of the performance is Russian



Characters and performers

Aglaia   Elena Lesnikova
Waiter   Dmytro Iaroshenko


Elena Lesnikova – laureate of theatre prize “Kiev pectorale”

 “The best actor’s debut in 2002”



Switzerland. A cafй next to a railway station. Aglaya. She is returning from a mental hospital where she visited prince Mishkin. She misses one more train…


What does woman think about when she is leaving and she can’t leave? What does She feel when her life is run through by It. By something what is impossible to name… It, God, Faceless…inexplicable… In that way love is inexplicable and unaccountable. It is an endless silence… between the words what there is nobody to say… between the two trains when there is nowhere to go… The inner monologue what we can hear by a miracle… The quiet feminine voice over dark waters of all oblivions, separations and unfulfilled dreams… the voice what is going upwards…


“…sometimes I wake up in the night and I lie long in darkness till dawn

it seems to me that once at dawn

once at dawn something will happen

and angel will come to take me

I know he can come only at dawn

and I’m afraid to miss him


when all your life is continuous waiting it’s possible that

after all everything had happened already

and to wait for the end

is the only thing that left

all that is left it is to wait for the end…”



“The actress Helen Lesnikova is communicating not with sad Fedor Dostoevskyi but with “cleared out myth”: the text of the play, written very neatly in its simplicity gives a fantastic impression that there is more Dostoevskiy in her monologue than in Dostoevskyi’s novel”. 

Svetlana Kaplyi, Academia


One act. 1 hour

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