Theatre project inside of GOGOLFEST


Directed by Vladislav Troickyi



Characters and performers

  Anatoliy Cherkov
  Roman Iasynovskyi
  Dmytro Iaroshenko
  Ruslana Khazipova
  Igor Postolov
  Volodymyr Minenko
  Solomiia Melnyk
  Viktoriia Lytvynenko-Iasynovska
  Dmytro Kostyumynskyi
  Iryna Kovalenko
  Nina Garenetska
  Kateryna Vyshneva
  Tetyana Vasylenko
  Daria Bondareva
  Vasil' Bilous
  Natalka Bida


Mozart was poisoned, they say. Pushkin stays that, at least. There is no grave of Mozart. He was thrown into common pit to the rest last ones of this world. Recognition and genius don’t guarantee that people’s world will worthily equip you for so called Last Way providing you even though with an individual coffin for your bygone deserts.

Gogol was put into coffin when he became so very quiet lest his own “I” not to get in the way to hear “Word” of Angel. Perhaps those who buried him surmised that it wasn’t just a “Dream”. Who knows what things can reveal Angel to such a person! When the conversation was finished and some “God’s servant” named Gogol opened his eyes to tell us, mortal, joyful or sad News, Death gazed at him. Inside the belly of tomb Death griped his flash by the hands of coffin.

 “GOGOL’S DEATH” is artistically magic act of liberation of maw-labyrinth of Pit god and his belly Arsenal that begot and kept Death by mystery of deathbed visions of the one who was born in this “Paradise Land” and who was loved by special birds-fishes-deities whom we – people - call Geniuses.      

F. Shliegel words about Shakespeare could be referred to Gogol: “…it is impossible to outdo this picture of the world in its truth and verity for it is presented without flattery and embellishment and thought abides everywhere”, “the thought about primary grandeur and loftiness of man” for “in his inner sense” Gogol as Shakespeare “is the most deeply painful and pronounced tragic from all poets of ancient and new Ages”. Not only “Shakespearian suffering is a mean of enlightenment and superior transfiguration” but this “mean” is also in special Gogol’s laughter for the Land that begot him is a “miracle of miracles” where time has stopped in its primordial state.

Gogol is not a mirror reflecting life: Gogol is a mysterious pond – “stavok” as they say in this Land at the edge of the world – where miraculous fishes and miraculous people, wonder-marvel-birds-animals of virgin man’s soul persisted. The World there remains metaphysical despite the civilization for it is The World of Slavic Jerusalem: The World of the City.

And the world of Life’s Path of man is in its core a transformation of a butterfly. That’s why Russian writers say that “all of us” came out of Gogol’s greatcoat. It is a greatcoat-cocoon where inside of maw-coffin magic of life’s poetry matures and appears to us as a flash of love-afterlight of God’s sense of this World of beauty and its triumph at each moment.


The performance tаke place on September 8th, 11th, 12th, 2007, and September 17th, 2009 at “Cultural-Museum complex “Artistic Arsenal” (Sichnevogo Povstannya str., 30)

One act. 1 hour

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