After KLIM's play


Directed by Vladislav Troickyi

The language of the performance is Ukrainian


Characters and performers

Her Mother   Daria Bondareva
Philosopher   Dmytro Kostyumynskyi
Devil 3   Maxim Demskyi
Devil 2   Vasil' Bilous
Unknown Robber   Roman Iasynovskyi
Klava   Natalka Bida
Lover, Old Devil, He   Igor Postolov
  Nataliya Perchishena
She   Solomiia Melnyk
Cholera   Ruslana Khazipova
Plague   Viktoriia Lytvynenko-Iasynovska
Death   Tetyana Vasylenko
Priest   Marko Halanevych
Wife, Neighbour, Devil 1   Solomiia Melnyk
Husband, Neighbour, Young Devil   Volodymyr Minenko
Petro's Wife   Kateryna Vyshneva
Petro   Dmytro Iaroshenko

"Who knows that sin is and that is death and who can tell what is for God and what’s against Him? Or maybe God’s for death? Or Death’s for God?” – asks himself local philosopher Khoma in "Ukrainian Decamerone" – bright country world where joy and pain, laughter and tears, life and death – everything is intertwined together tightly existing on a verge of another reality – mysterious and unknown Ukraine that is so close and at the same time is so far from us. This is the everyday life of Ukrainian village with its original songs, humor and gorilka (Ukrainian vodka) and the world where it is usual to talk to Death without ceremony, in a neighbour way, sitting on a porch and no one would wonder at seeing a walking dead man, gay dancing of devils or man-cock.
Death – tired lone woman with her daughters Plague and Cholera that are filled with compassion to people they have to kill make this beyond world more accessible and comprehensive as all the atmosphere of the play does by some miraculous and at the same time the most natural way drawing your consciousness nearer to the world of Mystery where you suddenly start to live ontemplating magic images.
"Ukrainian Decamerone" is also a tragedy of a whole human life and a desperate cry of man’s soul to God.

Two acts. 2 hours

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