Mystic Ukraine

Art-Project “Mystic Ukraine”

Ukraine is the country that geographically, politically and culturally disoriented. The traditional idea laying in question “Who are we? Children of what king?” is full of the pathos and sentiments but not of a constructive strategy. The modern tactics of overthrowing national idols with all the irony and cynicism are as well unable to change the situation. Without a spiritual seed any idea is sterile. The new strategy for Ukraine is not in a restoration of the traditions and the forms of mentality but in a creation of a new myth of Ukrainian people as the nation of action, self-responsibility and real independence.

Mystic Ukraine” is an attempt to reveal energy within this land and its culture.

Mystic Ukraine” realizes itself on the crossroads of  many different kinds of art (theatre, movie, folk-music, video art, etc.), between practice and theory, new artistic technologies and ancient legends and myths.

The dramatic base of “Mystic Ukraine” is William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth”. Why “Macbeth”? There are many coincidences between the universal collisions in Shakespeare’s piece and  modern realities in Ukraine. Courage of spirit and weakness of soul, questionable victories and inevitable consequences of betrayal. The history is played after women's scenarios and mysticism stuffs men’s fantasies and brains. An attempt to find the reality in the chaos of the distractive events leading to death is at the heart of the project.

Mystic Ukraine” is a multi-format project. The same story will be presented in other genres and styles such as street performances, chamber ones and movies, drama and ritual, etc.

The project is open for the partnership and participation.

The participants of the project:

 - “DakhaBrakha” ethno-chaos band (Art Director - Vladislav Troitskyi);

- acting course of Kyiv State University of Theatre, Cinema and Television (Head of the course - Les Tanyuk, director - Vladislav Troitskyi);

- actors of the Centre of Contemporary Arts “DAKH”.

Author of "Mystic Ukraine” project - Director of Centre of Contemporary Arts “DAKH”- Vladislav Troitskyi



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