(Born in1915) - one of famous Ukrainian directors. He studied theatre art with such famous directors and pedagogues of Russian realistic and psychological theatre tradition as Dikyi, Rostovtsev and Kanin. He has created his own uniqe style uniting traditions of old Russian and Ukrainian theaters. He worked in Shevchenko State Drama Theatre in Kharkiv and Franko Academic Ukrainian Theatre in Kyiv. He staged over 200 performances many of which became bright events in Ukrainian theatre culture: “King Lear” by Shakespeare, “Strange People” by Maxim Gorkiy, “Wild Angel” by Kolomijets and others. Last years of his life Vladimir Ogloblin worked in DAKH Contemprorary Art Centre where in outstanding way he staged two famous Russian classical plays "Krechinskyi's wedding" by Suhovo-Kobilin and "Vassa Zheleznova" by Maxim Gorkiy.

The laureate of Shevchenko Prize.

The author of the memoirs books and poetry pieces.

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