The theatre director, playwrighter, pedagogue.


He studied directors art at the course of Anatoliy Efros and Anatoliy Vasiljev (Russian Theatre Academy, Moscow).

The creator of theatre project “Stair-wood” dedicated to investigation of Indo-Europe cultural tradition roots: North (“Song of Prince Igor” ancient Slavic text), South (“Persians” by Eskhill), West («Hamlet» Shakespeare) and East (“Upanishad”).

Some of his performances: "Three expectations in “Landscapes”" by Harold Pinter, "The voyage in the space of the sacred comedy", "Inspector" by Gogol and many others.

The author of above 20 pieces-remakes: «Romeo and Juliet», «Othello», «Richard III», “Anna Karenina”, “Idiot” and others.

A creator of unique acting training.

Laureate of Theatre Prize “Golden Mask” (Russia).

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