Vladislav Troitskyi

Vladislav Troitskyi


Date of birth: 26-th of November, 1964

Place of birth: Ulan-Ude, Russia



- 1987 graduated Radio Technician faculty of Kiev Polytechnic Institute;

- 1990 finished post-graduate course at Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

- 2002 graduated directing-acting faculty of Russian Theatre Art Academy in Moscow.


The founder, director, art director, actor of DAKH Centre of Contemporary Arts



Anatholyi Cherkov Studio

Studio “Behind Closed Doors”:



Escorial” M. de Gelderod – director V.Troitskyi

“Word of a Madman in his Witness”A. Strindberg - director V.Troitskyi

“Behind Closed Doors” G. Sartre play - director V.Troitskyi (the play is staged on M. Zankovetzka museum territory)


DAKH Centre of Contemporary Arts


Escorial” M. de Gelderod – director V.Troitskyi

“Mamleev Games” on the base of Jury Mamleev works - director V.Troitskyi

“Word of a Madman in his Witness” A. Strindberg - diector V.Troitskyi

1996 - 1999  – directing-acting “School”



Gethe “Faust”

Kalderoune de la Barki “The Firm Prince”

L. Feihtvanger “Julia Forneze”

On the base of F. Dostoevskyi's novel “Juvenile”

Shipenko “Arsenyi's Life”





 “Lyric Dialogues” (“The house with windows facing a field” A. Vampilov) – director V.N. Ogloblin

“Roberto Zukko” B.M. Koltes - director V.N. Ogloblin

“Shelmenko the Batman” G. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko - director V.N. Ogloblin

“Perfidy and Love” F. Shiller - director V.N. Ogloblin

“Our people - we’ll settle up!” A. Ostrovskyi - director V.N. Ogloblin

“Vassa Zheleznova” M. Gorkyi - director V.N. Ogloblin

“Krechinskyi's wedding” A. Suhovo-Kobilin -  director V.N. Ogloblin



“…The Forth is Unnecessary…”, - director V.Troitskyi, 1998

“Dostoevskyi – Chesterton: “Crime Paradoxes or The Lonely Riders of Apocalypses ” on the base of KLIM's play , 2000

 “In search of a Lost Time…Life…” – “DAKH” – “Bozhichi” project - director V.Troitskyi, 2001

“The Stone Circle”, Folk Opera, “DAKH” – “Drevo” project - director V.Troitskyi, 2002

“Time of Troubles” on the base of KLIM's play - director V.Troitskyi, 2003

“Almost the Play, almost Pirandello or The Death Dance” - director V.Troitskyi, 2004

 “Ukrainian Decameroune” on the base of KLIM's play, Odessa Ukrainian V. Vasilka Music and Drama Theatre - director V.Troitskyi, 2005

 “Coffee and Cigarettes” on the base of Jim Jarmush film - director V.Troitskyi, 2005

"Chongor and Tunde" on the base of M.Vereshmarty - director V.Troitskyi ( M. Vereshmarty Theatre - Segeshfakhervar (Hungary), 2005

"Marriage" on the base of M. Gogol - director V.Troitskyi, 2006

"Theatre of laugh and sin, Love Den or Ukrainian Decameroune" on the base of KLIM's play - director V.Troitskyi, 2006

"Hamlet" on the base of Shakespeare's play (Beregovo Hungarian national D.Yeyesha Theatre) - director V.Troitskyi, 2006

“Almost the Play, almost Pirandello or The Death Dance. Reanimation” - director V.Troitskyi, 2006

"Girl with Matches" on the base of KLIM's play - director V.Troitskyi, 2007

"The death of Gogol" in the cotext of "Gogolfest" - director V.Troitskyi, 2007


Project “Seven days with an Idiot” (on the base of KLIM's plays):

 The First day. "Sad Performance" - director V.Troitskyi, 2002

The Second day. “Apocalypse Interpreter” - director V.Troitskyi, 2003

The Third day.”Fallen Angel” -  director V.Troitskyi, 2003

The Fourth day. “Insomnia” - director V.Troitskyi, 2004

The Eighth day. "An Idiot" - director V. Troitskyi, 2006


Project “Mystic Ukraine” from Shakespearian cycle with “DakhaBrakha” ethno-chaos band taking part:

“Prologue to "Macbeth” - director V.Troitskyi, 2004

“Richard The Third." Prologue.” - director V.Troitskyi, 2005
“King Lear." Prologue." - director V. Troitskyi, 2006


Theatre prize "Kyiv Pectoral - 2002"
for the best chamber performance “… In Search of the Lost Time…” …Life…
(to Vladislav Troitskyi)

In 2000 founded acting school. The project  “Ostrovskyi dramatic art”. Director and pedagogue – V. Troitskyi


From 2003 teaching in Karpenko-Karyi Kiev State Theatre and Cinema University (L. Tanyuk acting course)


In 2004 founded “DakhaBrakha” ethno-chaos band

In 2007 founded audio-visual-theatre-literature-philosophic art project "GogolFest"




V.N. Ogloblin

A.G. Cherkov

I. Lysov

B. Yukhananov


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