Anatoliy Georgijovich Cherkov

Anatoliy Georgijovich Cherkov

Date of birth: 15th of May, 1946

Place of birth: Kyiv, Ukraine


- 1971 graduated from Biblioghraphic Faculty of Kyiv Culture Institute
- 1979 graduated from Faculty of Drama Study of Leningrad State Theatre, Music, and Cinematography Institute


1964 – loader (Lesia Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre, Kyiv)
1964-1966 – laboratory assistant (Kyiv Transport Building College)
1966 – set rigger (Kyiv Puppet Theatre)
1968 – head editor (Central Academic Library of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences)
1971-1972 – serve in the armed forces
1984 – director (Mykhail Lermontov Stavropol Drama Theatre)
1985 – head of the educational department (Young Spectator Theatre, Kyiv)
In 1991 enters into The Union of Theatre Workers


1982 – Tania Golubenceva Theatre Studio
1990 – Ukranian working place:

  Open trial:
On the Field of Blood by Lesia Ukrainka
Farewell by Lesia Ukrainka
At The Silent Evening by Olexandr Oles
Yerma by Federico Garcia Lorka
The Human Voice by Jean Cocteau
Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett
Evening by N. Chechil

1991 – First Kyiv Theatre School
2000 – Center of Contemporary Art DAKH


Dostoevskyi - Chesterton: Crime Paradoxes or The Lonely Riders of Apocalypses by KLIM, 2000 – directed by Vladislav Troickyi

Second Day. Interpreter of Apocalypses by KLIM – directed by Vladislav Troickyi

Dark times (Smutnoe vremia) by KLIM – directed by Vladislav Troickyi

Insomnia (Bes-son-Nicca) by KLIM – directed by Vladislav Troickyi

Wedding by KLIM – directed by Vladislav Troickyi



I.F. Berezniuk
V.I. Nemirivich-Danchenko
I.K. Cherkasov
M. Lazarenko
E. Vahtangov
I. Iljinskyi
L. Shah
O. Tajirov
Ch. Chaplin
E. Rozvazhevska
J. Gabin
L. Filonova
Sh. Dullin
I. Smoktunovskyi

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