Elena Lesnikova

Elena Lesnikova

This actress can play everywhere ­ even in the absolute darkness. Having no special theatre education Elena Lesnikova got best debut reward from Kiev "Pektoral" for her mono play "Sad Play" by KLIM. Her actor's gift amuses many theatre professionals ­ Elena doesn't seem to do anything on a stage and still you see alive and different person. "How does she do it?" ­ ask many. Elena herself doesn't know the answer on this question but for her ­ the talented accountant as well ­ theatre remains the biggest love of her life.



Laureate of Theatre Prize Kyiv PectoralThe Best Actor’s Debute – 2002 (the prize was given in the March, 27 2003)

Date of birth: 15th of June, 1976

Place of birth: Batagai, Verkhoiansk district, Yakutia-Saha republic, Russia



- in 1995 graduated from Zaporizhzhia Electrotechnical College (Economical Faculty)

- in 1999 graduated from Zaporizhzhia State Engineer Academy (Economical Faculty)


Occupation: accountant



from 2004 – Centre of Contemporary Art DAKH


2000 – DAKH Acting School



Dostoevskyi - Chesterton: Crime Paradoxes or The Lonely Riders of Apocalypses by KLIM – directed by Vladislav Troickyi

Dark times (Smutnoe vremia) by KLIM – directed by Vladislav Troickyi

...Sad Performance... “…seven days with an Idiot…” or non-existing chapters of Fedor Dostoevskiy’s novel after KLIM’s play - directed by Vladislav Troitskyi

Marriage, after M.Gogol's play – directed by Vladislav Troitskyi

Girl With Matches by KLIM – directed by Vladislav Troickyi 



Vladyslav Trotskyi,

Petro Panchuk,


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