Tetyana Vasylenko

Tetyana Vasylenko

Date of birth: 18-th of December, 1975

Place of birth: Kyiv, Ukraine



- in 2002 graduated directing-acting faculty of Russian Theatre Art Academy in Moscow


Occupation: actress, photographer (Center of Contemporary Art DAKH)



- documentary film "A little Prince" - director T. Vasylenko, 2004

- documentary film "Prologue" - director T. Vasylenko, 2005



From 6 till 12 years old - studio of classical ballet

13 years old - the first theatre studio

15 years old - Anatolyi Cherkov Studio


Studio "Behind Closed Doors":

Project "The Collector" after J.R. Fowels - director V.Troitskyi


Centre of Contemporary Arts DAKH:

1996-1999 - directing-acting "School"



L. Feihtvanger - Julia Forneze
J. W. Goethe - Faust

Kalderoune de la Barki - The Firm Prince

On the base of F. Dostoevskyi's novel - Juvenile

Shipenko - Arsenyi's Life



Lyric Dialogues (The house with windows facing a field A. Vampilov) director V.N. Ogloblin

Roberto Zukko, B.M. Koltes - director V.N. Ogloblin

Perfidy and Love, F. Shiller - director V.N. Ogloblin

Forth is Unnecessary - director V.Troitskyi

Dostoevskyi - Chesterton: Crime Paradoxes or The Lonely Riders of Apocalypses on the base of KLIM's play

Shelmenko the Batman G. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko - director V.N. Ogloblin

Our people - we'll settle up! A. Ostrovskyi - director V.N. Ogloblin

Vassa Zheleznova, M. Gorkyi - director V.N. Ogloblin

Krechinskyi's wedding, A. Suhovo-Kobilin -  director V.N. Ogloblin

Time of Troubles on the base of KLIM's play - director V.Troitskyi

The Third day. Fallen Angel -  director V.Troitskyi

The Fourth day. Insomnia - director V.Troitskyi

Marriage on the base of N. Gogol - director V.Troitskyi

Theatre of laugh and sin, Love Den or Ukrainian Decameroune on the base of KLIM's play - director V.Troitskyi, 2006

The Death of Gogol in the cotext of "Gogolfest" - director V.Troitskyi, 2007

Oedipus. Dog's Cage, after plays of Sophocles "Oedipus The King" and KLIM "Doghouse. Antiutopia from silent majority's life" - directed by Vladislav Troitskyi




V.N. Ogloblin


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