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DAKH theatre




Ogloblin Troitskiy KLIM Actors

Welcome to "DAKH" Contemporary Art Center!

How to get to the performance?

  1. Every event on Facebook has link to check in, but you can call Vlada (her number is in the end of this page), and she will register you on-line.
  2. Then you have to confirm reserve: pay for ticket by the page of pay:  http://liqpay.ua/ru/checkout/card/dakhtickets. The link is in every questionnaire.
  3. Next step: you will get confirm on email.
  4. We will call you and confirm your presence in oral form for 2 days.

On the day of the performance you have to come 10 minutes before the show. At the entrance you call name and surname, which you used in questionnaire, to Alexander. He is DAKH keeper.

Before the performance everybody gather in waiting hall, talk with each other and drink different drinks near bar.

At the start of the performance we open the door of the hall and invite you to view. In the hall there is free landing, you can chose a place convenient for you.

The number of places in the theatre is limiting. It is 60.

Contact us
tel.: +38 (044) 529-40-62
+38 067 531 36 65, Vlada
+38 063 328 98 06, Bogdan

email: daxtheatre@yahoo.com

Find us

Official Gogolfest page www.gogolfest.org.ua
Official DakhaBrakha page www.dakhabrakha.com.ua

CCA DAKH (Kiev, Ukraine) joins as new associated member of European Theatre Convention (ETC) in 2016/17

CCA "Dakh" joined European Theatre Convention (ETC) as associated member thanks to the project "Theatre, Freedom, Dialogue: European networking with theatres from Ukraine and Belarus" in the end of 2015 with the goal to further nourish and develop the newly created relations and contacts. The selection of the theatres, one representing the state subsidized theatres (Kiev Academic Molodij Theatre), the other the oldest independent theatre scene in Ukraine (Dakh Theatre Kiev), took place after discussions with the theatres and the board of directors during the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase in Kiev last December 2015.

The European Theatre Convention (ETC) is a non-profit-making membership organization and a network of European public theatres founded in 1988 with the aims to create, protect and promote theatre art and its linguistic diversity in Europe and beyond; to act as a transnational theatre network to foster cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue; to act as a platform for professional exchange, development and capacity building of theatre-makers in an international context and to advocate for the public theatre sector at EU, member state and local levels. The ETC has become the largest pan-European network of its kind, representing over 40 member theatres in 25 countries, 8,000.000 theatre goers, more than 11,000 taxpaying people employed by public theatres, thousands of artists in over 20 countries and 16,000 performances and public events per year.

Website of ETC: http://www.etc-cte.org

All the materials contained in these pages belong to their authors and cannot be used without their permission. You may send your orders to our e-mail.

Idea: Vladislav Troitsky, KLIM.

You can send any your wishes, notes and proposals, to our e-mail

Our address: Ukraine, Kyiv city,
Velyka Vasylkivska st., 136
(Lybidska metro station)
+380 44 529 40 62

Photos of plays and different artistic actions